About Ramya Aradhya

Hello! I am an Electronics Engineer and a MBA graduate.

When I got married to Mr. Aradhya, I was very happy and content. After two years we were blessed with a cute and bubbly daughter which made our lives much happier.

After two more years we  had a very cute little son and I thought I am blessed to have such a family and dint know what to ask God for more.

I dint have to break my head too much on cooking, or running a family and or any major responsibilities other than taking care of my kids.

I was so relaxed because of my very supportive mother- in- law who used to and is still managing all the house old responsibilities and she is like a dictionary (I mean she knew all the things which a home maker should know). She is Mallamma Ajji.

About Mallamma Ajji

Mallamma Ajji is from a Village “Nagavalli” in Karnataka State in Tumkur District. Since she is from village she knows how to grow organic products and more about harvesting. Cooking granny started because of Mallamma Ajji.

My sister-in-law stays in US, as a working professional, she dint find time to learn cooking. She used to ask amma about how to cook and festival recipes and hindu rituals etc..

Then we thought of making videos and uploading for her and thus the cooking granny youtube channel started.

If you want to become a best home maker, want to know how to manage with life balances then you are at the right place or blog. Amma wants to make all women empowered with knowledge and management. She believes in “woman is the power, if a woman is educated then the whole family is educated………

This blog gives you best of knowledge about all Hindu culture, tradition, festivals, rituals to be followed and along with that how to impress your family members with delicious dishes by “cooking granny” channel and website.

Go through the all the tips given by amma to have wonderful, happy, healthy and peaceful life