Chutney Powder Recipe-New Mothers!!

This is bananthi chatni powder which ladies can eat 12 days after delivery.

This chatni powder can be used for dinner along with dosa, thatt kadabu, or methi dosa or even rice . From 12th day to 1 month use less chilies and more garlic.

After one month you can increase the number of chilies if required.

Ingredients required

1. Bengal Gram – 1 cup

2. Grated dry coconut 1 cup

3. One medium sized garlic

4. Red chillies (Byadagi menasinakai 3 nos. and mankattida menasinakai 3 nos.)

5. Tamarind- (less than a lemon size)

6. Curry leaves

7. Roasted gram – 1 table spoon

8. Om kalu (ajwain) –  1 Spoon

9. Dhaniya – 1 spoon

10. Salt to taste

11. L G Hing 1/4 spoon

How to make

1. Take a bowl and add Bengal Gram, curry leaves and red chilies and fry till the grams turns golden brown on a low flame.

2. Now off the flame and add dry grated coconut, om kalu (ajwain), L G Hing, garlic, tamarind, roasted gram, and fry for some time and mix well

3. now add salt to taste

4. allow it to cool and grind all ingredients to make a fine powder.

5. Bananthi chatni pudi is ready to eat and serve.

6. This can be used for dinner and it goes well with rice or chapathis or dosas


1. Use old tamarind for bananthi, new tamarind will cause cough for both child and mother.

2. Use this chatni powder for Dinner.

3. Garlic and dry coconut will help to increase breast milk.

4. Bananthi’s should eat fresh and hot food.

5. The new mothers have to be happy and should not worry.

6. Whatever new moms eat will directly go to the child in the form of milk.

So please follow whatever your elders are advising you.

Happy Parenting!!

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